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Dunker Church 1. Dunker Church
Both armies sought to occupy and hold the high ground around it.

North Woods 2. North Woods
General Hooker began the initial Union attack from this point.

East Woods 3. East Woods
Union General Joseph Mansfield was fatally wounded here.

The Cornfield 4. The Cornfield
More fighting took place here in the Miller cornfield than anywhere else at Antietam.

West Woods 5. West Woods
Union General John Sedgwick's division lost more than 2,200 men in less than half an hour here.

Mumma Farm 6. Mumma Farm
The Mumma farm buildings were the only civilian property purposely destroyed during the battle.

Roulette Farm 7. Roulette Farm
Union troops crossed these fields to meet the Confederates posted in the Sunken Road.

Bloody Lane 8. Sunken Road (Bloody Lane)
For nearly 4 hours, both sides of infantry fought at this sunken country road, resulting in over 5,000 casualties.

Burnside Bridge 9. Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge)
Called Burnside Bridge after the Union general whose troops were stopped most of the day by a few Georgia riflemen.

The Final Attack 10. The Final Attack
After securing the Lower Bridge ,Burnside marched his men across these hills toward Sharpsburg.

Antietam National Cemetery 11. Antietam National Cemetery
The remains of 4,776 Federal soldiers are buried here.

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