The Antietam Battlefield Guide I have created not only offers the traveler information on the battlefield, but also other places to visit in the area.

Antietam Battlefield is one of the most iconic battlefields of the American Civil War; here, many great minds came together in a show of military strategy. Historical sites such as Burnside's Bridge, Bloody Lane, and Dunker Church became legendary during this infamous battle.

Yet, even if one had no interest in the battlefields of yore, one could still find comfort and beauty at Antietam. Antietam (and the nearby town of Sharpsburg) is nestled in the beautiful mountains and valleys of Maryland; the long, sloping battlefield tour roads are lined with old-fashioned wooden fences that evoke a bygone era. Famous Civil War sites vie with natural beauty for the traveler's interest.

Silence and respect are constant companions at Antietam. 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours on September 17, 1862. Visiting the national cemetery is a wonderful way to pay respect to these fallen soldiers.

Hungry? There are some great choices for meals on the go, including the little Battleview Market. Above all, Antietam is a place not soon forgotten.

The top picture is of the Dunker Church and was built in 1852 on land donatated by Samuel Mumma. Many of the church's members are buried at the nearby Mumma Cemetery, also part of the Mumma farm. The church was officially dedicated in 1853.

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